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Quain Stott  | Published on 9/11/2019

Stu Lord

It's amazing how much disliking Nascar affected my love of racing. I had stopped writing, I was letting my hatred unfold on Facebook. I also found myself no longer watching NHRA on TV. I tried to feel differently about NHRA, attended the last two 4 wide events at Charlotte, but it didn't work. Pro Stock was boring, the Pro Mods, my favorite class, had turned into the 69 Camaro division, instead of the class I once loved. Then I found the dirt tracks and the Southeast Gassers Association. I started writing again about the drags and dirt. I have reinvented my liking the sport, just a little different than what I grew up on and worked at.

Today, I'm writing about future stars in dirt modifieds and late models. Most of the drivers I'm interviewing started as young as 5 years old in dirt karts. And more than half of them have dad's who also raced. Some are even competing against their own dads like in a story I'm doing on a father and son team driving against each other in Open Wheel Modifieds. Fantastic!!

I have been to a couple of the Southeast Gassers Association events, watching and rooting for guys and gals running cars with rules from the late sixty's. Check out the Competition Plus website, and see the cars these folks are running. '55 Chevy's, '33 Willies, Model A's, a Rambler, virtually anything on four wheels that meets the rule book. You can also check them out at their web site There are nostalgia races around, and then there is the SEGA, the only true nostalgia racing organization in the country.

If you can check out the SEGA. And if you've never attended a dirt race, do yourself a favor and do so. There's a saying, Dirt is for racing on, asphalt is used for getting there. Watching a Super Late Model, a Open Wheel Modified or a Winged Sprint Car come down the straight away, never lift, throw the car sideways through the corner lap after lap, that's something you will never see on a paved track. Unbelievable. Now, I'm not knocking the pavement guys, I'm a old Supermodified guy, but dirt racing is another whole animal.

So this is my new lease on life, Writing again, enjoying racing on a Saturday night or a day at the drags, I'm loving it.