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Quain Stott  | Published on 9/4/2019

70 year old Mike and wife Cathy Coger didn't have the money to go out and buy a Gasser so they home built their 1958 Morris Minor and I mean built every piece of it. Even assembled the FORD 302 engine right in their home shop. Mike and Cathy spent over 2 years building the car that will help Mike relive his dream of racing like he did in the 1960's when he raced everything from Stock eliminator to E/Gas. Then in 1971 he was drafted into the Army and spent 5 years serving his country. When he came out of the service racing the way he remembered it had changed big time. Mike tried all sorts of racing to fill the void left by the Gas and Modified cars. He raced Motorcycles on a Flat Track, Ran Pikes Peak Hill Climb twice, worked on a funny car team. He said he even tried bracket racing for several years but losing because he went to fast just wasn't racing to him. Nothing took the place of the high revving 4 speed gas and modified cars he race as a young man in the 1960's. Then he found the Southeast Gassers Association and decided it was possible to go back in time and relive his early racing days once more. Now settled in Athens Tennessee he and Cathy is looking forward to the debut of their 302 FORD powered B/Gasser at their first SEGA race at Knoxville Dragstrip September 28th.