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Two-Time SEG World Champ SHANNON SMITH Sells the PALE RIDER

 | Published on 8/25/2019

Shannon Smith and his ‘55 Chevy “Pale Rider” has become synonymous with the Southeast Gassers Association. A prominent fixture from the early years of the SEGA, the famed ‘55 Chevy has always been a wanted commodity in today’s “GASSER” scene. Over the years, Shannon always remained true to Quain Stott, while supporting the firm foundation that provided the stage for the “Pale Rider” to be recognized all around the world. Shannon has almost been involved with the SEGA as long as Quain Stott himself, and we will always appreciate his long standing commitment.
Like most of us, Shannon also has a commitment to keep his family a number one priority. As a devoted husband and father, a balance of time is always at the forefront of Shannon’s mind. Shannon also owns Orange Bear Motors, LLCin Landrum, SC and the demands of work and home forced his decision to sell the “Pale Rider”.
In my phone conversation this week with the two time SEGA Champion, Shannon asked me to thank Quain Stott and the SEGA staff. As I’m typing this, all I can think about is thanking Shannon Smith. Time and time again, Shannon could have raced anywhere with anyone, and he always chose to stay loyal to the Southeast Gassers Association. In fact, as a parting comment in our conversation Shannon exclaims, “I want you to tell everybody that I said, if anyone is thinking about racing a gasser, and I mean really racing... not just playing around... there’s no other place to do that, than the Southeast Gassers. You tell em I said that.”
The “Pale Rider” as we know it may not have Shannon behind the wheel, but expect to see the ‘55 Chevy in competition as it will remain in the SEGA. We’ll also look forward to seeing Shannon and his family around at future SEGA events, because we know he can’t stay away too long. As much as we all were “Pale Rider” fans, we are so much more Shannon Smith fans.
Personally, I’m going to miss one of the coolest cats on the SEGA tour. His dry wit and infectious personality can shine through a simple grin that is only Shannon Smith.
Thank you Shannon!