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Rod N Roxanne Burgener Share A Story

 | Published on 8/22/2019



I just wanted to drop a line here to tell a story about something that happened the last couple weeks. Who knows, maybe there is one of our racers out there who is getting wore down or bummed out, and needs a little boost.

This is gonna show how even though we might not know it, people are always watching us, not only if we are winning the race.

After the race in Lyons, Indiana I had another loooooong ride home. I was pondering on what I could do to make this ole girl faster. I am a little heavy so I was thinking about what can be done for that, and so on and so on.
I had been considering getting a one piece glass front end for the Undertaker. Painting it as close as I could so it would still look good, and it in turn would put me about right where I needed to be weight wise.

I get home from that race in Lyons and I am scrolling through one of the gasser sites we are all on, and here I see a brand new one piece glass front end, still in the box for sale. Not only is the price real good, but I almost have to drive right past the town he lives in to get to the Mooresville race.
The only problem was that was a few weeks away and I was sure someone would scoop it up before I could get there.

But, I figured it would be worth a shot to send him a message and ask if he would hold it for me. I told him my name, that I raced the Undertaker with SEGA and I was wondering if by any chance he would hold that front clip until I left to come out to Mooresville. I left my number and asked him to call me.

He called me and told me it would be no problem to hold it. I was extremely pleased. We ended up talking for the better part of an hour, he was a very nice guy. He told me that him and his buddies had been watching me and the Undertaker all year, that they were great fans of SEGA and loved what we were doing. He was just simply...... Good people.
By the end of our conversation, he says, you know what, I don't want ANY money from you for this, you can have it. I told him, you do not have to do that, I am just happy you are willing to hold it. He told me, no, I do not want a penny from you. You just keep doing what you are doing, pleasing the crowd with those wheelies, and that they were impressed with the dedication to SEGA that I was showing them.

Folks, I was floored... I sat there thinking to myself, we do make a difference, we do make impressions on people, and, they do like what we are doing.
I know, believe me I know that sometimes we can all get bummed out something is not working the way we wish. I know that sometimes to make that trip it is tough. Trust me I know.
But what we are a part of with SEGA is so much bigger than I think any of us really comprehend.

We are part of something that takes some back to a time that they miss or remember. We show some what it was like during a time that they were not around for. We are part of something that people WANT to take their children and families to. We are part of something that people come from not only every corner of the US, but fly from literally all around the world, just to see us... We ARE preserving true 60s Gasser racing folks.

So I guess the whole point to this was this, when one gets down or bummed out or simply worn out, for whatever reason it might be, just shut your eyes and try to imagine how many people enjoy watching what we do. It works for me...