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 | Published on 7/20/2019
As most know the pride of the Southeast Gassers Association is the fact that about 85% of the cars in the group are home built and driver tuned. We can now add another one to the list since the 4 year project of Gordon Rundle IIIis finished. Gordon 43 years old from speedway Indiana started work on the 1966 Barracuda when he seen an SEGA build thread on the HAMB.

After researching the SEGA rules he found that the SEGA actually raced the cars first to the finish line wins and classified them by weight to cubic inch like it was done in the 1960's. The fact that the SEGA only allows manual transmissions got his attention also. Then he done his research to be sure the strict rules were unforced so his efforts in building to the rules wouldn't be in vain. The project took 4 years because Gordon did everything himself. He built the chassis, the tin work, built the small block mopar engine, even painted it at home. Gordon will give credit to Litl Bill for the old school hand painted lettering but other than that Gordon's hands have touched every nut, bolt and rivet on the car.

PLEASE WELCOME Gordon to the SEGA family and see the car in person for the first time July 27th at Wagler Motorsports Parkin Lyons Indiana where the SEGA will make it's 6th stop on the tour.Gordon Rundle III