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Southeast Gasser Super Stock build
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Got the engine out of the car and taking the heads for some new valve springs and titanium retainers. Talked to the Howard's cam rep and then to Jimmy Huff and Pro Maxx.
We all agreed it just does not have enough valve spring pressure to recover from the shifts when the rpm's drop between gear changes. So the the good people from Pro Maxx
told me to bring them the heads and they will set them up for what we need to give us the power to run a lot better.
We are going to have 265 lbs. of seat pressure and 750 lbs at .700 lift. plus titanium retainers to take some weight out of the the valve train.Hopefully it will be a game changer for the wagon.
In Jan. we are taking the Comet to Ky. to Lloyds auto body and glass to get the old girl a new dress. It should look good when we get it back.
Went to Paradise dragstrip on Dec.5th made some changes to the car. It got better, but still not competitive numbers.
Going to make some more changes over the winter to try and get this thing to be faster.
Haven't updated in a while ,but we are now competing. will be at the Florida race.
Hope to have our launch issues straightened out and not doing 3 wheel wheelies.
Put a 6.00 gear in to spin it up and use 4 th gear. Had to have a new driveshaft built as it bent the shaft at the Carolina race.
Didn't show up until we got to Shadyside. Had to lift in 3rd gear due to vibration.
Should be a good bit better than the show we put on at Shadyside.
Over the winter big plans ,but can't reveal those yet. Depends on the Democrats and the virus and if I have to get my shoulder replaced . If so then winter will be spent in rehab.
ha! i would help if i could , but i am living in the Netherlands. It is nice to hear that
at your age the thrills and vibes still be present. In my country there is almost none
being active at that age in thrill seeking motorsports.
That is something typically American i guess. Dragracing fans enough here, but no strip.
Politics you know. Only tractorpulling is what goes here at a few venues. And we have
world class pullers here. To bad we do not have such dragstrips in western europe.
And well, as having a forum, there is to my surprise almost no activity. That is not
good. I hope to waken up all so called "SEGA it is a family affair"
So to all others who read the forum, step in and let hear from you.

All the best and luck to you Micheal Coger

I if ok, may post my project, not a drag car but typically european oval racer influence.
If thats OK.
I did have a cover over the car, but when it's raining sideways and the rain is running down a sloped driveway and it's a creek under the car.
That's when it becomes a problem. Keeping water out of the car and laying in the water was not in the cards for this 71 year old body of mine.
You sir are fast to critique my build and my lack of ability to get the car done in time , but never to offer to come and help me get this car done for your viewing pleasure.
bad and good news then. Building a car in your driveway isnt easy. You could set up
some sort of shelter over your car? I mean some roof fixture that holds up to wind and rain
Well mother nature got the best of me. As you know the car will not fit in my one car garage and still have room to work on it.
So I have built this entire car in my driveway. Last week it started raining Wed. afternoon and did not stop raining until Friday afternoon which basically cost me almost 3 days of not being able to do much to the car so I got behind.
As hard as I tried I could not catch up with getting the car ready. My wife has helped me all she could but between showing her how to make paper templets and transferring that into metal a lot of time was lost.
The car is now running and sounding great. I still need to adjust the clutch some more and bleed the brakes one more time and hook up a switch for my lights. The car should be mechanically ready.
We will try and get some primer on the car and be ready for Aiken S.C. in 3 weeks.
Sorry about no updates on the car, but I have been extremely busy.
We will be at the Knoxville race . I am finishing the car today except for paint.
There are a few other things I need to get done but it should run and drive.
Will take it around the block and put it on the trailer in the morning.
no comments in this topic? well here is first one. I am new to this and from
europe. I wonder if the sump and valvecovers can do with periodic style?
Would you tell me about?
One step closer. Got the motor and transmission in the car and got it on wheels, well the back ones anyhow.
Finally got the motor and transmission mated together and ready to go in the car tomorrow.I hope . Since this is a driveway build it depends on mother nature if she gives me rain then I will have to do something else.
got everything welded up under the car and the floors painted.
Got the rear end ready to put in the car. Also got the transmission linkage built.
Proud to announce a sponsor ship deal with Lloyd's auto glass and paint to lay a new paint job on the Comet as soon as the mechanical's are completed.
Lloyd's shop is located in Owingsville .Ky. Lioyd and his wife attended their very first Southeast Gasser race at London,Ky. and thought it would be a great way to get involved with the Southeast Gassers.
So if you are in their area stop by and give a big shout out to Lloyd or if you need glass work or body and paint work give Lloyd a chance to help you out.
He is also on the HAMB website which gives the Southeast Gassers lots of coverage.

Hopefully the Comet will be able to make it's debut at Lyon's ,Indiana
Got my parts from Liberty's Gears and finished my Toploader yesterday. now need to make linkage rods for it.
A little more progress. the 5 lug conversion is completed. Had to try out my new front wheels.
Got my door bars bent up and installed. I made them curved because I am too old to be climbing over the door bars.
Got a little more done and still have a long way to go.
Due to a local shortage of mig welding gas. I got behind again. finally got some welding gas so I could finish out the floor pans and cut out the old rusted out battery box.
I found a set of big tube Doug's headers that fit my Windsor in the Comet.
I was going to build a set of fender well headers but I got a good deal on these so that's what I am going with.
The only bad thing is they require a cable clutch. I ran a cable in my Morris minor and it worked well until I twisted and bent the input shaft on my tranny.
Hopefully they will let the folks in Michigan go back to work soon so Liberty can build my input shaft .
that's about the only piece that I don't have to finish the car. Trying to be ready for Ky. but it will be close. Won't be painted but it might be under it's own power.
Got my main hoop in for my roll bar and finished the front floor pans.
Now time to start on the rear and the seat mounts.
Got my new axles in yesterday. now I can finish my rear end and get it under the car.
I need to give a shout out to Hudlow axle in rossville, Ga. for the quick turn around
on the axles considering how many people that are not allowed to even go to work.
I can't get my input shaft built because the folks at Liberty's Gears are not allowed to work until at least April 13th.That's the soonest they can go to work if everything goes right with the virus.
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