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D Gas
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My bad. You are right it is H/Gas. I don't know of anyone would is building for a class that you have to buy a spec engine and then throw it away if something happens to it and you have to go buy another $ 7500 motor.
It also eliminates all other brands of engines from competition. At least in dirt track racing both Ford and Chevrolet have crate engines that can run each other.
Is the person who bought your Morris Minor going for D/Gas, with the spec 383 small block Chevy, or H/Gas, where it would compete with the VW's?
My old Morris Minor B/Gas car was sold to a guy in North Carolina who is installing a Flathead Ford and a 4 speed to run some D/Gas races and other nostalgic races.
The rules need to be revisited. There is no way a flathead can run with that VW at the weight it will have to carry..
Is there any news of anyone building a car to race in D Gas?
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