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Back In The Day

racing in 1967
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1967, only wonder that happened was my day of birth LoL Can't help you here with stories
I had just graduated high school in May of 1967 . I loaded everything I owned in a 1951 Mercury and moved from northern Michigan to Miami , Fl.
What a culture shock that was. Got a job in a Sunoco gas station on U.S. 1 south of Miami. Every Sunday morning all of the guys that were heading to the drags came in with their 409 Chevy's and 427 galaxies to fill up with Sunoco 260.
My brother had a 66 427 -425 4 speed fastback that we raced. the gas station belonged to his father-in-law and he let us use the 55 Dodge pickup that was the station truck to flat tow the car to the track.
I saved my money and one day I found a 57 Nomad wagon that a guy had been storing lumber in and the city was bothering him an old car . So he sold it to me for a hundred bucks and i drove it home. 283 power pack powerglide. Well about 2 weeks later it had a 4 speed and was running P/Stock, but I was racing. ThenI bought a 327 and built it and they put me in D/Mp . I still had my old Merc. I would tow with it. hoping it wouldn't vapor lock on the way to the track. By the end of 67 I was at least going a few rounds, but mostly getting my butt handed to me by the guys with the better equipment and more money. Guys like Ollie Olsen and the Hassel & Cox Anglia.Those guys were like heroes to this hick from the sticks. They actually went to INDY to race at the Big Go.
So that's what racing was like for me in 1967. Sunoco 260 was 31 cents a gallon and there was a race car at just about every gas station in south Dade county.
The big money was in street racing out by the strawberry fields down by Homestead.
You won at the track they gave you a 2 dollar trophy. You won a street race and back then a couple hundred bucks sounded pretty good when you worked all week for 80 bucks.
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