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Quain Stott  | Published on 9/8/2019

Everybody please welcome Craig and Audrea Bailey to the SEGA.
Barn finds are very cool and we need them to help preserve racing history, but to just let one set and collect dust is not Craig and Audrea Bailey's idea of preserving history or enjoying the car. Taking the risk of racing one in completion is a big risk because it can't be replaced but a risk they are willing to take.
39 year old Craig Bailey has made the choice to race the car with the Southeast Gassers Association because the strict SEGA class rules will keep the car in an atmosphere as close as possible to the way it would have been raced in it's heyday. Craig knows the car won't be number one qualifier or even in the top 10 but he wants it once again to see the race track in an atmosphere as close as possible to the way it was raced in the 1960's. Originally the car was built by then car owner Ronnie Monks and raced mostly in the Tennessee area so Knoxville Tn will be the perfect place to bring it back out.
Craig an Iron worker by trade from Limestone Tn will pilot the 1941 Studebaker Coupe Saturday September 28th at it's debut atKnoxville Dragstripin Maynardville Tennessee. Power by a 292 cubic inch small block Chevy the car will fall right into the very tough SEGA C/Gas class.
Craig and Audrea will be quick to credit previous car owner Bobby Underwood and good friendDanny Caseyfor making it possible for them to take possession of the car and make this historical moment possible.