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 | Published on 7/26/2019
53 year old Brian Rosnett from Hillsdale Indiana has a back ground in drag racing but not on the drag strip. Brian wanted to drag race in his younger years but all the local tracks had already started bracket racing so he took the outlaw route and took his talent to the street where it was first to the finish line wins. Brian did this for years, was very successful and always did it with a 4 speed and 100% ford power. Brian got out of racing as he got older to spend more time with family and to start the very successful Rosnett Enterprises trucking and repair company.
Fast forward to today where Brian researched and found the Southeast Gassers Association. What he found fueled the small fire hid inside that had kept burning every since he quit racing many years ago. He had finally found a legal way to race where his 4 speed driving talent could be showcased on a stage where if he got to the finish line first he knew he won. Rosnett excited about his new find and not wanting to waste time building a new car he started the search for something to update and be ready before the 2019 SEGA season was over. Enter Gabriel Burrell with his tried and true Falcon for sale. With no time to waste Burrell and Rosnett quickly made a deal and he was on his way home with the falcon. The falcon was tired and needing some TLC but that's exactly what Brian wanted so he could put his touches on it and make it his car and not be typecast as Gabriel's old car. When the search for the 100% ford engine started he contacted (2018 SEGA sportsman of the year) Jimmy Huff who happened to have all the major parts located from an old Dyno Don Nicholson engine. No question about it Rosnett had to have that and contracted Huff to do his magic and get it race ready. Wanting to debut the car at the upcoming Lyons Indiana SEGA race friends and family jumped at the chance to see Brian's dream come true so they pitched in to help. Brian credits Long time friends Allan Lambert, Greg Cockrell and Ray Sr Baker for all the long hours and support in making this debut possible. Brians brother Greg Rosnett owner of Hammer Automotive played a big part in the success of the project also.

Make plans to let Brian and over 65 other's take you back to the way racing was in 1967 this Saturday July 27th atWagler Motorsports Park in Lyons Indiana.

Brian Rosnett