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 | Published on 7/26/2019
63 year old Eddy Eubanks and brother 60 year old Jim Eubanks has spent 44 years building a very successful Trucking company (Eubanks Trucking). Eddy has rich history in Drag Racing, a license Air Plane pilot and also a government certified air frame and power plant expert. Younger brother Jim has racing history that most can only dream of.
Jim has successfully raced (get ready for this) Sprints, Late Model, Stock
 Car, ARCA, SCCA. and a long line of Drag Cars. With father time slipping up on the two it's now time to make their Dexter Missouri shop ring with the sound of high revving small block chevy engines once again. Jim chose to try his hand in the very popular SEGA C/Gas class with a 302 small block 4 speed 54 chevy named the Underdog . Eddy chose a 414 small block 4 speed 51 Henry J to compete in the very tough SEGA A/Gas class and named it the Gunslinger (Eddie is also a big time gun collector).
When ask why did they chose the Southeast Gassers Association when 95% of the events were at least 500 miles away from their home base. They quickly answer because there is no where else to race that comes this close to racing like it was in the old days.
Catch the brothers debut this Saturday July 27th at Wagler Motorsports Park in Lyons Indiana along with over 60 more old school drag cars.
Eubanks Brothers