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SEGA FB  | Published on 4/1/2019

Rod Burgener has been painstakingly restoring the Undertaker 55 Chevy originally built to drag race on ice, that's right ICE. Rod plans to make the long drive from his home in Floresville Texas to all 11 Southeast Gassers races in 2019.

Denny Grunenwald originally built and painted the car in 1966 to compete in the Merrill Wisconsin Ice Drags. Denny was also one of the founding members of the Merrill Ice Drags. The car also pulled double duty with Denny dragracing in the Gas class on the asphalt in the summer months at Union Grove WI and at Wisconsin International Raceway in Kaukauna WI. Denny parked the car in 1973 and it sat for decades. Enter Rod Burgener who's bucket list contains competing for a SEGA world Championship. So rather than build a remake gasser, Rod is restoring the original Undertaker to it's former glory and fulfill his dream of racing on tour with the Southeast Gassers. Rod will also be supporting and promoting the SEGA Texas style on off weekends. Look for Rod and many more SEGA stars this year when we bring 1960's drag racing to a town near you.