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Hoopty Wagon 64-Jimmy Huff
Hoopty Wagon 64
Jimmy Huff


My weekend at SEGA races. Had someone ask me why I didn’t win any was I happy not winning. As I told them I have won a race but I win just being there. Yes, I do get frustrated at times and even upset that I don’t win rounds and sometimes think why I still do this. Yes, I do have a car that has ran well and won races. I have wanted to give up a few times and have come close to doing it. Then I realize what all I will miss out on. Yes it cost me lots of money and time to work on the car to get to the races and back home. However, I get many things that are worth more than the money to me. I get to spend lots of time with my Oldman he hangs out with me at the shop helps work on the car and listens to me fuss and carry on about other things. Have my long-time buddy Peavy Boy who goes with me and helps all he can lending a hand even though he agitates me at time, but he’s been doing that for over 25 years. We get to ride and talk about all the stuff we see and do together with my Oldman. Then we get to the track and Gabriel Burrell waiting on us to get a place to park. He’s always ready to work on something and you never know if he’s got a new girl or by his self.

We have Tony Turner and Kimmary Koutsoudis-Turner worrying about getting the motor home level or not. we have really missed them the last few races. Kim is always making sure we all are staying hydrated and taking care of us. Then we have David-Pam Burrell you can always count them to give us some laughs, but the best thing is the meals Pam fixes us to eat. Then I have the things I do and enjoy just as much as racing. I get on Gabe’s pit bike or golf cart ride around and visit others tell stories and listen to stories. Always try to speak and see everyone. As it’s always a pleasure to see my hero Cynthia Phillips give her a pep talk and laugh with her. As I go around talking visiting see Rocky Platt with his smile no matter what’s going on. See Christy get my hug and kiss then laugh with Kelvin Cannon then think of Sonne Hall and how much we miss him being here. See and talk with James Beard and Pop Beard get an inspiration from these guys on life itself. Hunt down Quain Stott and complain about something or barrow something that I forgot at home. Then you see the beautiful piece of artwork car of Dean Jonas talk with him for a minute. Then visit with Jerry and Joey Birch laugh a little tell Jerry to take it easy on everyone. Then I look around for Tim Bailey who has been here longer than I have. Have missed him at races this year but always think of him as he’s a great man and enjoy talking with him. Then I see Leslie Horne who always greets you with a smile and a thumbs up and Logan Horne who enjoys being out here with his dad and all of us has excimnet in him as anyone. Go bye and talk a minute with the Blackwell’s who always make you feel good to see a family together. You see Kenneth Phillips and Elizabeth Phillips. [THE] Philips who is always smiling and happiest people I’ve ever seen even on a bad day. Then I see Timothy Hall and his Pop who are always hard at work but a pleasure to speak with. These are just a few I see and talk with all before we ever get ready to race.

Then we start to race nothing like the feeling of pulling up through the water seeing Stephen Smith
filming and having someone telling you to let it rip. Sticking it in high gear brining up the RPM’s snapping the clutch out giving the crowd a high winding long smoky burn out. Then have the cute young lady Kaylee Smith (who was shy young girl who I first met standing behind her mom and dad who has stepped out of her shell) steps out in front of car guiding me back keeping me in the grove. She then pulls me forward to pre-stage taps hood looks at me gives me go ahead. So I have a cute young lady giving me the good to go I have my car, engine I built myself my Oldman and friends watching me to see how late I am on the tree and many fans waiting for me to bring it up high and drop the clutch. I feel the power pushing my left leg out and through the gears I go the feel of the car pulling is a great feeling. Then I get the ticket look at it and laugh say I thought it was faster than that. Then hoping that I get to see Mitchell Stott Stott and Cody Eison for an interview but not that often. Then I pull up to see Chris Carroll and his family waiting on me to weigh and it’s heavy as always. I pull through pits with all the fans and other racers giving you the thumbs up. Pull into my pits and my Oldman standing there waiting happy to see me win or loss.

The main thing is I had already won because I enjoyed the day myself and touched so many other people’s life in some way or another. We are all blessed to be able do something we love with people that love to do the same thing and enjoy it with each other.
Hoopty Wagon