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Tennessee Charlie 2042
Charlie Lee

Sparta, TN



Quain Stott - 5/25/2020

Sparta Tennessee's own Charlie Lee started his racing career in 1980 and was the man to beat in NHRA 4 speed Super Stock class racing. Keep in mind when running for class in NHRA Super Stock it's heads up first to the finish line wins. With his dad, long time racer Charlie Sr doing the engine building all engine secrets stayed within the team so they had the car to beat in 4 speed Super Stock racing. Also keep in mind that back then clutch less shifting a 4 speed in super stock was NOT legal so driver talent also meant a lot. Just for an example the team won class at the NHRA Indy National event in 1982 in Super Stock L (4 speed). Then moving up to S/S K (4 speed) the Lee team won class at Indy 3 years in a row (83-84-85). 
Now wanting to go faster the unbeatable father and Son team moved up to the very tough NHRA Comp Eliminator and qualified in the top 1/2 of the field most everywhere they went. 
Problem was to be competitive in this class they had to run an automatic and Charlie said the auto just took the challenge out of driving the car. So in late 1987 Charlie hung up his fire suit and they stepped away from Drag racing for 33 years. 


Charlie Lee 1
Charlie Lee 2

Fast forward to a few years ago when Charlie attended a Southeast Gassers Association race in Knoxville Tennessee. Before he made it to the bleachers the sound of the high revving 4 speed cars leaving the line with no 2 step brought back memories of his early racing love. He couldn't get home quick enough to start the search for a body to get involved with the SEGA.

Right in his home town in a field he found a 66 mustang body. He chose to build it to the gas class rules because engine transplants are encouraged in the gas classes and he wanted a chevy engine in the Ford. Of course his dad Charlie Sr now 78 years old was thrilled to be back racing like he himself done in the 1960's and Charlie Sr once again would be building the old school 311 Small Block Chevy. Charlie and his dad turned to Duck McDonald the same guy that built their chassis back in the day to build the SEGA legal chassis and suspension for the C/Gasser. Since 58 year old Charlie owns Charlie’s Body Shop a successful Body Shop business the paint and body was done right at his shop. 
Charlie says after a 3-year build his dad is still out in the shop every day tinkering with the car just like he did back in the day.

The team plans to run the grueling 9 race 2020 SEGA tour that will start June 6th at London Dragway in London Kentucky.