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Get Your Word Out to SEG Visitors all over the world!
We are now taking advance ad reservations for 2020!
This is a first-come opportunity.




Increase Your Web-hits and Interest from Southeast Gassers Fans With a Banner AD!

Your banner ad will link to a landing page
on your website.


BANNER ADS Specifications

Size: 728 pixels wide by 90 pixels high.

All ads should be submitted in .jpg format at a resolution of 72 dpi.

Be sure to supply your website page URL.

      - In preparing art, minimum size for text is 9 point.

      - Do not send raw files.

      - Do not use LZW compression.

      - If your banner ad is time-sensitive we'll need “Start and End Dates” for posting on our website.

Your Eye-Catching Logo's For All To See!

You not only show your support of the Southeast Gassers Association but your company is a crucial partner in providing products that our SEG FANS love.

A great opportunity exists for your company to shine with our fans thru logo placement and recognition on the SEG homepage and a link to your company website. Let your business and SEG support be known to our fans all over the world!

LOGO Specifications

Size: 228 pixels wide by 246 pixels high

Logos must be submitted in .jpg format at a resolution of 72 dpi.

      - In preparing art, minimum size for text is 9 point.

      - All logos should be labeled. Do not use titles such as, “”

      - Do not send raw files.


Advertise In Our E-Mail Newsletter

The sends a newsletter to staff, members, sponsors and
mailing list recipients.

All of our e-mail recipients have requested to receive the newsletter or the ability to opt out.
So you can be assured that your ad will be seen by active, interested members of the SEGA community.

The growing popularity of SEGassers among fans, media and sponsors promises to be exciting!

Advertising Policies:

The SOUTHEAST GASSERS ASSOCIATION reserves the right to refuse material it deems inappropriate and to limit the number of advertisements accepted. Space reservations will be confirmed following receipt of artwork and payment. Ad will run for 30 days after payment is received.