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SEGA 2019 Championship Points Race

2019 SEGA Champions

2019 SEGA Championship Points Race


Point total accuracy is the responsibility of the competitor. 

SEGA will attempt to keep accurate point totals for all competitors.


SEGA Point Race updates will be posted at www.southeastgassers.comwithin 5 days of last race.

Any questions/challenges to SEGA published point totals can be submitted HERE 


Once the next race is run point totals are final and will NOT be adjusted.



  • 10 points -Each racer toSHOWup to the race.
  •  5 points-EachQUALIFYING attempt. Car must turn the tire over (spin) in the water box or cross the finish line to be considered an attempt. If not, the qualifying run will not count and no points are received.  If you leave before the tree is activated there will be no time on the run and you will go to the bottom of ladder, but will receive points. If you do not start a burnout, and for some reason the car is shut down, you are allowed to fix the issue and fall in as the last car to qualify for your class for  that round. Your car must be ready to run before your class finishes qualifying, or you will not be allowed to make a pass.
  •   5 points-per roundWIN


The first racer to reach a given number of points will be the declared the higher points finisher.

If both racers reach the tie number in the same round at the same race, then we refer to the


Points Tie breaker

  1. the most number of events entered
  2. most events wins
  3. most events runner ups

If still tied, they will be declared co- champions and all awards will be split equally.