Donovan Stott – Columbus, NC

My name is Donovan Stott and I am a drag racing addict. When I say that I grew up at the dragstrip what I mean is that I “literally” grew up at the dragstrip! I grew up watching my dad, Mitch Stott from as early as I can remember. Sometime around 1998 he gave me my first ride in his Pro Mod Lumina at Shady Side Dragway. I’ll never forget my first ride down the eight mile, if only I known then what that would cost me now. There are so many memories I can recall from drag racing. From learning to zero the clutch to being snuck onto the starting line at only 7 years old. Growing up around racing literally changed my life forever. At age 10 I began racing a JR. Dragster. It only took one race before I became bored with the 50 mph car. Dirt Bikes became my new love. It was the only machine I could ride that would go as fast as my man hood would allow me. No more holding it wide open and wanting more. I learned an important theory that “whatever power gets you into a situation the same power will get you out of it”, and that a lot of times your brakes can cause more problems than there worth. I learned to act instead of over thinking a situation, or better yet, to go with how it feels instead of how you think it seems. My next big step would be when I received my license to drive. Dad and I went to Columbia and bought my first car a, 1989 GMC Caballero “El Camino” with a not so impressive 305 small block. As we got close to home I decided to have some fun as we turned off the exit. I decided I was going to dog it a little. I stopped at the stop sign and made a hard right with the gas pedal matted to the floor. I was fully expecting one tire to just blow off but the old 305 just gently pulled away. It didn’t even come close, not a chirp, squeal, or even a little smoke. I was back to driving at 65 mph and held back by the lack of power. Luckily we had plans for a hopped up small block 350. As months passed I became the local wild child in this Green El Camino. I began doing single tire smoky digs everywhere I went. I was banned from the school parking lot for several weeks of my senior year for leaving black marks all over the lot. My buddy Cameron Brown and I use to go to the dragstrip listening to 1960-70s music and talk about how we wished it was the 1960s all over again. We would always talk about running from the police, sliding on dirt roads, meeting up at the local dirt spot, and just the general way of living. Cameron and I would stop by Quain’s shop and fuss about how silly the world is today and how bad we wanted it to be the summer of 1969. Time went by and one day at lunch Quain hit me with the deal of a life time. He said he had an Anglia but it needed a lot of work and if I would do all the labor that I could drive it the rest of the 2013 Gasser season. I gratefully accepted the offer and the start of White Trash began. The 1948 Ford Anglia was a cool car but it needed a lot of little things. I worked long hours after work every night on her, things like moving the engine, mounting a Jerico transmission, moving the seat, fixing the ladder bars, changing things on the rear end, moving the steering wheel over, making the windshield larger, etc. were all tasks that I had to accomplish. As White Trash became race ready I became more and more nervous. I had no idea what to expect from the angry little car. With only a 92 inch wheelbase, 4 speed, 13 inches in the air and a rookie driver it was gonna be a wild ride to say the least. I was constantly questing Dad and Quain as to how I could control such a combo of things. They would always give me a common answer of “oh you will know”. This would leave me wondering even more about what I was gonna do to control it. Test day at Greer came around and I felt like I was trying out for cheerleading or something. I had seen thousands of passes but had never been the one doing the driving. Sitting in the car constantly practicing runs in my mind was fun but now it was time for the real deal. As passes went by their answer of “Oh you will know” became as clear as could be. All my dirt bike experience began converting to four wheels very quickly. You drive with your feelings not with the windshield. If you get out of the grove you had better not drop the throttle with it pointing the wrong direction. And you damn sure don’t hit the brakes unless you’re done driving and got her in neutral coasting after the finish line. Drag Racing has yet again become my go to place for letting it all hang out. No more leaning forward wanting it to go faster, no more looking at the scenery as you drive by, it’s just hammer down and pure focus. I love drag racing and the opportunities that it will hopefully allow me to have in life. I push myself to make this life worth the living so and right now living it an eighth mile at a time. I thank EVERYONE who has helped me and I can’t wait for the 2014 Southeast Gasser season.

Donovan Stott

Car Specs:


Make: Ford

Model: Anglia

Year: 1948

Time to Complete: Quain had it previously then about 3 months to correct a few things.


Type of Paint: House of Color White AKA Cheap parts store paint.

Color: Flat White

Painter: Gabriel Burrell

Special Paint Work: Charlie Tyre


Nothing special, some quick white trash sheet metal work spray bombed flat black. Seat is bolted directly to the floor so makes for an un-comfy wait in the staging lanes.


Year: Not sure but it’s a cast iron SBC block with aluminum heads.

Model: Small Block Chevrolet

Displacement: 327

Details: Dual Holley 660’s on a tunnel ram, 13.5 to 1 compression, cast iron block, aluminum heads, and custom tuned headers.


Make/Year: Home built tube chassis.

Type: Square tube .125 main frame


Built By: N/A


Jerico 4 speed, Clutch Shift


Ford 9 inch with a 4:56 main gear.


Front: Type and Size

Rear: Type and Size



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