Gabriel Burrell – Green Creek, NC

I wanted a Ford car with Ford power. I love the four speeds and straight axles. I like the looks of the early falcons, an in particularly like the sprint roofline. Almost all of the car was built from used parts sourced from swap meets, craigslist, and forums. This was a very low budget build, with most everything being done in house from the headers by Donovan and I, to the paint by me in a small 2 bay shop. Quain provided a huge help from an engineering standpoint. Jimmy Huff built the small block Ford horsepower. I bleed Ford blue and have been captivated by the cars that came from the Holman Moody shop in Charlotte, NC for the ford backed race teams of the 60’s, so I did my best to build, paint, and letter the car to mimic those famous cars that I grew up idolizing. This is my first race car that I have owned. I grew up with Quain and Mitch Stott as my heroes and wanted nothing more than a race car like they had. When I had the opportunity to bump elbows and bang gears with them and other guys like them, I jumped at the chance. I couldn’t have asked for a better group of guys to cut me teeth racing with than the South East Gassers.

Car Specs:


Make: Ford
Model: Falcon Sprint
Year: 1963


Color: 1967 Ford Sunlit Gold Metallic

Type: Single stage

Painter: Gabriel Burrell


Year: 1967

Model: Small Block Ford

Built By: Jimmy Huff


Make/Year: 1963
Type: Stock
Alterations: Straight Axle, Cage, Ladder bars, Tied front and rear rails together
Built By: Several different unknown individuals before being finished up by Gabriel with some help from Quain and Donovan


Details: Hightower 4 Speed


Details: Ford 9 inch


Front Type & Size: American Racing Magnesium 15×3.5″, Moroso tires
Rear Type & Size: American Racing Magnesium 15×10″, Hoosier tires

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