Sonny Clayton – Columbus, NC
I race a 56 Chevy Gasser, small block car that I have named One Gone Dog. This name was chosen because of our family’s business, for over fifty years, has been selling hotdogs at Boot’s & Sonny’s Drive In in Spartanburg, South Carolina. I have also been around drag racing since my teenage years when my Dad, Paul Clayton Sr., founded , built and operated Spartanburg Drag Way. It was located on our farm in Roebuck’s Canaan Community. Although this involvement in drag racing was a lot of work, it had some unique rewards. We had many opportunities to meet lots of racings royalty such as Don Gartllis, Don Nickolson, Tommy Ivo, Grumpy Bill JEnkins, Alan Star, Sox & Martin, David Pearson and Richard Petty, along with many local favorites such as Jerry Jennings, Gene Fulton, several Stott brothers and numerous other ones from around our area. So…….lets get them all cranked up and go racing and make lots more of those good times!!!!


Sonny Clayton


Ernie Smith

Car Specs:

Make: Chevrolet
Model: 2 door business coupe
Year: 1956
Time to Complete: A work in progress

Type of Paint: Enamel
Color: Multi-gold and brown
Painter: Unknown
Special Paint Work: Old school graphics
INTERIOR: Still has the original race car interior from the 1960s, but added up to date roll cage

Year: late model
Model: Small block
Displacement: 406
Details: Carburetor

Make/Year: 56 Chevrolet
Type: ladder bar
Alterations: front end straight axel
Built By: Quain Stott Speed Shop

Jeri co

Rear end
Ford 9 inch


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