Sonny Burr – Wellford, SC

Born Again Spirit Filled Christian, 67 year Old Kid that love’s the LORD JESUS and all HIS Blessings on me! Been racing since the late Sixties, my first car was a 1956 Chevy hard top that was pulled out of a field sitting flat on the ground along with all the ant beds inside the car. Started racing at the Old Wadesboro, NC track right off of Hwy. 74 coming into Wadesboro, NC. Also raced at the Old Darlington, SC drag strip. The 37 Chevy is a period correct car that was built in the mid 1960’s raced in the seventies and was sitting in a garage for 30 + years covered up on “A” model rear end jack stands. Mr. Quain Stott is doing all the upgrades on the car to make it safe to run and enjoy. Born In Bennesville, SC and was raised in Cheraw, SC. We didn’t have a toe bar are trailer back then had to get my car to the track with a 4” pipe and a log chain run through the pipe, had to have someone pull me, I would do all the braking, Set the dead grass on fire one time at the track after a friend told me that if I put a bottle of either in my gas tank the car would run better, when I fired it up the motor backed fired set the grass on fire under my car, that cleaned all the oil and grease under the car off. Didn’t have the money to buy a posi traction unit so we welded up the spider gear’s in the third member always skipped the tire on the other side when trying to get into the water box but both wheels pulled good off the line. Grandson Zach love’s to Race and goes with me, he has J/R dragster to race this year.

Sonny Burr – Wife Suzanne – Pit Crew > Grant, Zach and Wes Evans

Car Specs:


Make: Chevy
Model: Coupe
Year: 1937
Original Gasser, All Steel Coupe


Original RED Paint as Raced in the 70’s only it was buffed.


Year: 1966

Model: Chevy Corvette

Details: Matching Number’s 1966 L-72 427 cu. In. Rat Motor

1970 Eldebrock Side By Side 750 Holly’s

Original Magneto (may change out)


Make/Year: 1937 Chevy
Type: Stock
Alterations: Straight Axle
Built By: Quain Stott


Details: Hightower 4 Speed


Details: Ford 9 inch

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