White Trash

Donovan Stott – Columbus, NC
When I say that I grew up at the dragstrip what I mean is that I “literally” grew up at the dragstrip! I grew up watching my dad, Mitch Stott from as early as I can remember.

The Phantom

Ron Bloomquist – Mooresburg, TN
I have been drag racing for over fifty years. In 1960 I purchased my first car a 57 Chevy 230hp with a standard transmission and started drag racing at DesMoines Dragway on Sundays and street racing when challenged.

Tazmanian Devil

Gary Cline – VA
Watched the A Gassers in the late 60’s, early 70’s. Gene Cromer was the Moonlighter and match raced at Spartanburg Dragway.

The Moonlighter

Gene Cromer – Anderson, SC
Raced entire life – motorcycles and cars. Chose the 1941 Willys for the look and lightweight.

Southern Flyer

Gabriel Burrell – Green Creek, NC
I wanted a Ford car with Ford power. I love the four speeds and straight axles. I like the looks of the early falcons, an in particularly like the sprint roofline.

Scarlet Affair

Kevin Deaton – Iowa
The car is a local legend car from Dallas Center, IA raced as a gasser from the late 1960s to 1980 and then it was stored until we bought it in 2014.

Quick & Dirty

Tony Turner – Cumming, GA
I have been going to watch the SEG races for several years now and kept saying I want to build one of those cars. Well last August I finally put my words into action and found a 1939 Dodge on Craigslist.

Pale Rider

Shannon Smith – Gowensville, SC
As an impressionable young boy in the 1960s, I watched my dad race a pale yellow 55 Chevy at our local tracks. Then at 11 years of age, my dad gave me my first car, you guessed it, a 1955 Chevy.


Sonny Clayton – Columbus, NC
I’ve been around drag racing since my teenage years when my Dad, Paul Clayton Sr., founded, built and operated Spartanburg Dragway.

Old Skool Outlaw

Tommy Lumley – Charlotte, NC
I’ve been racing for 17 years after ranking as one of the top 20 best bull riders in the world. In 2010, I was the Carolina Gassers grand champion.

Old Dirty Bastard

Justin “JT” Moses – Braselton, GA
The car was originally bought new by a bootlegger and highly modified to run moonshine from Fredricksburg, VA to DC.

Hoopty Wagon

Jimmy Huff – Loganville, GA
The car is 100% built at home in my garage with my dad helping hold the parts and wrenches. I guess I can literally say I have been a drag race fan all of my life.


Johnny Bailey
I started racing in the early 60s at Spartanburg dragway and Greer dragway until the mid 70s at the start of bracket racing.

Grand Illusion

Quain Stott – Columbus, NC
A seasoned veteran of drag racing with 40 years of experience and founder of the Southeast Gassers Association.

Black and Blue

Robert Frazier – Bristol, TN
I chose this car because it was different and it was a MOPAR!

Bad Penny

Dale Wilson – Arden, NC
I’ve owned this car for 32 years. Parked it in 1986 but finally decided to bring the 57 back as a True Gasser.

Bad Banana

Rusty Sampsel – Lapeer, MI

This was my father’s car that he ran from 1964 to 1979. It sat over 30 years and I brought it back out in 2010.


Sonny Burr – Wellford, SC
67 year Old Kid that loves the LORD JESUS and all HIS Blessings on me! Been racing since the late Sixties, my first car was a 1956 Chevy.

Alley Cat

Tim Bailey – Pinehurst, NC
My son Jared Bailey and I are a father and son racing team from Pinehurst N.C. Having always been an old car guy and primarily a 55-6-7 guy I didn’t get into drag racing until I was 50 years old being 58 now.

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