Ron Bloomquist – Mooresburg, TN

I have been drag racing for over fifty years. In 1960 I purchased my first car a 57 Chevy 230hp with a standard transmission and started drag racing at DesMoines Dragway on Sundays and street racing when challenged. In 1962 I bought a 59 Impala and installed a 409/409HP engine and four speed purchased at the salvage yard . I built a 55 Chevy gasser with a 301 and six deuces , a 57 Chevy gasser with a 292 and 2 4 barrels both cars were 4 speeds. I built a 51 Crosley Station Wagon A Gasser with a 301 injected Chevy and a GM 4 speed hydro it was a frightening car to drive. In 1966 I sold all my race cars and parts to continue my education and Flight training and to support my family. In 1981 I am a Pilot for American Airlines and we live in Orange County, California. My Son Scott is interested in late model dirt racing so I helped him get started, I built the cars, engines and even the trailer when we first began and we did very well , Scott’s success is now well known.

I continued my love for hot rods with Corvettes, 32’s, 34’s, 55 and 57 Chevys. We moved to TN in 1985. and remain collecting muscle cars and hot rods and now have a 1961 Ford Galaxy Starliner with a 427 and 4speed , a 1962 Plymouth with a 413 Max Wedge and torqeflite, a 1959 Chevy Impala with a 348 3’2s and 4speed , a 1964 Dodge with a 426 Max wedge and torqueflite ,a 1965 Dodge Altered wheelbase with a 426 Hemi and torqueflite, a 51 HenryJ gasser with a 427 Chevy and automatic, a 52 Henry J gasser with a 392 blown and injected 392 Hemi and 4 speed, a 41 Willys gasser with a 426 blown and injected Chrysler and torqueflite, a 33 Willys PU gasser with a blown injected 392 Hemi and powerglide , and a 32 Chevy PU hot rod with a 283 Chevy and 3 speed.

I race the Henry J because it is easy to get in and out of and it fits me like a glove, and the frame and cage is certified to 7.50.

Car Specs:

Make: Henry J

Model: Slant back / no trunk

Year: 1951

Time to Complete: Sam Woodard of OK built it many years ago from a car he drove as a young boy and I traded a 41 Willys Pickup for it about 6 years ago. Work never stops on an old drag car

Type of Paint: Enamel

Color: Gold

Painter: Sam Woodard

Special Paint Work: Hand lettered and pin striped. “ THE PHANTOM “


Plain seat and carpeting in black

Year: 1968 Chevrolet

Model: Big block

Displacement: 427

Details: 1- 4 barrel carb , Crane roller cam and kit, eagle rods , forged crank , J/E pistons , Brodix heads

Make/Year: Modified Henry J frame and roll cage certified to 7.50

Type: Straight front axle and ladder bar rear to a 9 inch Ford


Built By: Sam Woodard


Neil Chance Powerglide and Converter


Mark Williams 9 inch with 35 spline axles


Front: Type and Size– American Racing wheels. 5.60/15 Cokker tire

Rear: Type and Size—American Racing wheels . MT 31 10.5 15 racing slicks


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