Shannon Smith – Gowensville, SC

My name is Shannon Smith and I run a 1955 Chevrolet appropriately named, Pale Rider. As an impressionable young boy in the 1960s, I watched my dad race a pale yellow 55 Chevy at our local tracks. Then at 11 years of age, my dad gave me my first car, you guessed it, a 1955 Chevy. Couple all this with the fact that Quain Stott’s first chassis shop was just down the road and you have the recipe for my dream gasser, The Pale Rider.

As a kid I would ride my motorcycle to Quain’s shop every day to see what he was building. Seeing all those cool hot rods being built just seemed to intensify my passion for old cars! I have always loved hot rods and am now co-owner of a specialty car lot in Spartanburg, SC. with lifelong friend, Eric Nodine. I am lucky to have a supportive family who stand behind me and cheer me on. My wife, son, and three daughters have witnessed a lot of hot rods over the years but nothing compares to the fun of running in the Southeast Gasser Association with the Pale Rider. The people involved with this association are second to none and I am excited to see what the new season has in store for our gassers!

Car Specs

Make: Chevrolet

Model: 150

Year: 1955

Time to Complete:

Type of Paint: GM Butter Nut Yellow

Color: GM Butter Nut Yellow

Painter: Tater Dodson at Stott’s ford

Special Paint Work: Lettered by Charlie Tyre


Aluminum interior with rolled and pleated door panels and seat covers. Gold metal flake steering wheel from my dad’s old 55.

Year: ??

Model: Chevrolet

Displacement: 396??

Details: Built strong by Fulton Competition

Make/Year: 1955

Type: Custom

Alterations: Many

Built By: Quain Stott

Hightower H-Pattern 4 Speed

9 inch Ford

Front: Type and Size

15×4 Aluminum Reverse with front runner tires

Rear: Type and Size

15×10 aluminum reverse wheels with Hoosier slicks

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