Jimmy Huff – Loganville, GA

I’m Jimmy Huff from Loganville, Georgia my car is 1964 Falcon Station Wagon. The car is 100% built at home in my garage with my dad helping hold the parts and wrenches. I guess I can literally say I have been a drag race fan all of my life. My mom helped my dad work on his car when she was pregnant with me. They left the old Yellow River drag strip in Covington, Georgia on A Sunday after my dad was racing and went to hospital I was born that evening. I’ve been ask many times before why do I like the wagons. We had them all my life being 1 of 5 kids had to have one to haul all of us around. Many memories of a kid come from riding in the old wagons to lake and family get to gathers so I just always loved them. My love of the gassers comes from my dad talking about them all my life and saying real race cars have a clutch and shifter. I always wanted one and when I saw the SE Gassers on line I had to check them out. I was hooked and new I had to build one to drive and enjoy spending time with my Dad. He relives his past and goes back in time every time the car is run. It’s an enjoyment seeing him get so excited just wished he would drive it one time. He raced a 64 Ford Galaxy in stock class and won many races. He tells me it’s not about winning it’s about having fun and enjoying the time you get to spend with others who enjoy it with you. We don’t have the fastest car and never will but we built this car ourselves and enjoy it showing young and old how it was done back in the day.

1964 Falcon Station Wagon

357 Cubic inches with tunnel ram and 2 home built 660 Holley’s. Jerico 4 speed transmission with Ram clutch. Ford 9inch from a 1958 Ranch Wagon with 4.86 gears. Home built AFX style ladder bars on leaf springs.

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